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AQUARIANNA Her story begins over a thousand years ago... In a place lost to the ages…
Three Roman soldiers carried a chest from deep within the recesses of Poseidon’s
temple. Surrounded and attacked by flying
demons, the warriors tried to fight their way to freedom but only one man survived. His name was Ardan.When Ardan reached daylight and opened
the chest, he found what he was looking for; the missing piece of an ancient bronze medallion.A medallion that the legend told would lead to Poseidon’s Trident, an object that couldcommand the power of the sea. Ardan carried the matching piece to complete the pendent
but once the two halves were brought together Ardan was transformed by the medallion’s mystical power

into a horrific eel-like creature, sentenced to roam the depths for eternity.Over a thousand years passed and in the year 1857, off the shores of Boston, Massachusetts, Leif and Isabel, two eighteen-year-olds in love, sailed to a small atoll. Leif gave a broken piece of an old medallion to Isabel as a birthday gift and showed her his own matching
piece which all but completed the ancient medallion.
The medallion pieces, as the story goes, were gifts from a mermaid given to Leif's grandfather years before when she was freed from his fishing net. One piece was still missing from the pendent but it was thought to be lost to the sea. As the two sailed home their boat was capsized by a whale and Isabel, the love of Leif's life, drowned
and was carried away by the current.A few years later, Leif, a drunken brawler, destitute and morose, was shanghaied to w
ork aboard a whaling ship. He met Torm, a tattooed, African master-harpooner who hunted whales to raise money in the hope of someday buying his wife, Malika, her freedom out of slavery. On a fishing boat far away, another crew discovered a
mysterious creature struggling in their net, which had their captain overjoyed at the prospect of his new-found wealth.Leif’s ship was attacked by a horrific sea serpent ridden by Ardan,
the eel-like, mer-man. Leif was thrown into the ocean, and as the serpent killed the crew and destroyed the ship, he heard Ardan’s raspy voice cry out: “Aquarianna.”